Your HDTV is about to get even better…(and 4K might be closer than you think)

For those of you who just aren’t satisfied until you can see every bead of sweat on your quarterback’s face from your perch on the couch (we feel you), if you’re a DIRECTV subscriber, your HD is about to get even better and more reliable.

DIRECTV launched two new satellites this week, with the aim of expanding their HD capacity. D-15, a spacecraft weighing more than six tons, is the first satellite DIRECTV has launched in ten years beaming toward Continental U.S. and will increase HD capacity nationwide. In a recent press release, DIRECTV added that the new satellites will also help to “secure the future of 4K Ultra HD.”

Great news for armchair quarterbacks everywhere. With television this clear, you might even be able to see whether the Patriots have fully inflated their footballs next season.

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