The Importance of Having Temporary Internet at your Event

Want to guarantee your event is a huge success that everyone is buzzing about? Let your attendees spread the word…just make sure your event has enough bandwidth to accommodate your attendees tweets, posts and photo uploads.

With the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets in an on-demand generation, the importance of supplying fast and free wi-fi internet at events is crucial. Being able to connect to the internet at all times is a given today, but if the bandwidth at your event is not sufficient to accommodate your guests, the whole event may be viewed as sub-par.

The big advantage of offering your attendees reliable internet is the exciting opportunity to create buzz surrounding the event as people post live updates on the various social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some important factors to consider to help choose the best wi-fi service for your event:

1. Know your attendees – Consider how the crowd will use the wi-fi. Will they simply post photos and short updates on Twitter? Will your attendees be technology-savvy and possibly bring multiple portable devices with them? How many are you expecting to attend? Knowing the answers to these questions is a main factor in accessing bandwidth needs.

2. Know the venue ­- The location and size of the venue will help determine the most suitable wi-fi for your event. Locating access points and being aware of any dead spots at the venue is extremely important.

3. Budget ­- The price you can expect to pay is related to the scope of the event and ties in with the other factors already mentioned. Be prepared to give enough details to a potential provider to get the best estimate and start properly. Remember the cost of this service if properly executed will be offset with all the “free” buzz that will be generated by your attendees.

Bel Air Internet is the leading provider of temporary internet access for special events.

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