Thea TV

TV Reimagined for the Internet Age.

TV Reimagined for

the Internet Age.

No receivers. No installations. No contracts.

Thea gives you all the channels you want (including locals) without the extra drama.

How it Works

Pick the Plan you want.

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Watch TV in under 5 minutes.

Choose From Three Packages

25+ Channels

*Includes 1 concurrent stream and 100 DVR Hours

Most Popular

60+ Channels

*Includes 1 concurrent stream and 100 DVR Hours

140+ Channels

*Includes 2 concurrent streams and 100 DVR Hours

Want to watch TheaTV on more than one screen at a time?

Up to 5 concurrent streams are available at $5 a stream.

Movie Channel


What’s Included with your Thea Television Service

Cloud DVR

Record your favorite shows (100 hours of HD programming) accessible from any television or device in your home

24/7 Support

Access the best technical support any time you need it from trained Bel Air Internet technicians

Universal Search

See all your content in one place, including other streaming services you may subscribe to, like Netflix.

On-Demand +

72-hour “look-back”

Forgot to record something? Access anything in the last 72 hours with the ability to fast-forward through commercials on any device in your home

Personalization, Parental Controls

& Voice Control

Thea is custom tailored to your needs. Set limits for kids or allow Thea to find the best shows for you based on your viewing preferences.

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