The Seven Reasons You Still Need A Landline

voip landline

Has the landline gone the way of the old Yellow Pages book (i.e. ancient relic territory)?

With our trusty cell phones always by our sides, it’s tempting to nix it. Because a landline can’t browse the Internet, take a photo and allow you to talk on the phone all at the same time. It seems like cell phones can do anything and everything….

Um….except give an emergency responder your actual locations. And a few other key things.

We talked to the tech gurus here at Bel Air Internet and they filled us in on the SEVEN REASONS YOU STILL NEED a (VoIP) LANDLINE.

1. 911 Emergency. Yes, you can call 911 from your cell phone. But if something happens in your home, emergency responders won’t be able to see where you’re calling from, like they can with a landline in case you’re not able to provide your address. (BAI-installed VoIp landlines can call 911 and will trace back to your home address like an old school landline). Even worse, cell phone calls are routed to the highway patrol (because they assume you’re calling from the road).

2. A phone that actually works at your house. Ever notice how your cell phone has great reception when you’re driving on your street, but suddenly, the second you enter your house you have dropped calls, fuzzy conversations and no “bars”? For all the cell towers in Los Angeles, they seemed designed to allow cell phones to work well everywhere EXCEPT the place where you live. Well, you can blame the fact that you live in a beautifully and safely constructed building. The nasty side effect of all the energy-efficient windows and thick concrete walls is that cell towers can’t penetrate those barriers as well, decreasing their coverage ability. Luckily, a landline doesn’t have the same issues since they don’t go through cell towers, allowing you to chat as long as you want without having to stand on one foot near your stove (the one spot your cell phone works in your whole house).

3. Disaster. It’s always good to have a back up in case of emergency, especially because cell tower reception is usually the first thing to go out in case of a disaster. In fact, Diego, tech guru and Chief Technology Officer of BAI, explains that in a state of emergency cell phone calls are considered “lowest priority” by the city and making them impossible to use.

4. To find your cell phone! You know the scenario….Your cell phone goes missing somewhere at your house. In a couch cushion, under a pile of mail, in the refrigerator (we know we’re not the only ones.) With a landline, you can simply call the phone and let it do it’s magic (without having to ask your partner to call your phone and endure the subsequent lecture they’ll dole out about how you’re always losing your phone).

5. Home Security Camera Systems. Want an alarm or home security systems? They almost always require a landline (VoIP lines will work).

6. Cheap long distance and international calls. Sure, we all love Skype. But sometimes calling grandma on the phone is a lot easier than trying to explain to her how to get her computer camera working.

7. It’s okay to put a landline to your ear. We don’t know about you, but we just love the feel of a good old-fashioned phone receiver to the ear. The weight, the size, the way you can cradle it in your neck (and if you’re going REAL old school….the way you can wrap the curly-cue cord around your fingers while you chat). There’s something inherently more intimate and comfortable about settling in for a long phone convo that way….with zero health worries that the phone is too close to your face like with a cell.

Don’t worry, though. For those of you itching to throw something away, we can safely tell you there’s no need to hold onto to those yellow page books anymore.

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