Temporary Internet: A Ubisoft Experience

Is there anyone in the tech industry not talking about E3? Aside from the annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention center, this week will be jam packed with other E3 related events, after parties, and gaming festivities galore. The most exclusive of events, hosted by Ubisoft and held at the Uplay Lounge in The Standard Hotel, will give over a thousand VIP Uplay members backstage access to new games and meet-n-greets. Starting today, the event will showcase hands-on gameplay with the E3 lineup and other exclusive titles as well as a full schedule of live streams broadcast which fans can enjoy from anywhere in the world. The event will also feature Q&A sessions with gaming developers and industry insiders.

Bel Air Internet is excited to be in the middle of all the gaming action, providing our Temporary Internet service for the 4-day-long event. For more information, exclusive videos and live streaming schedules straight from the Uplay Lounge, head over to www.uplaylounge.com.