Sense8: The newest Netflix series might be your new fave show

sense8 netflix

Cancel your plans.

We hear Sense8, the latest Netflix original series, which comes out today, June 5th, is worth hibernating all weekend for.

Created and Directed by the Lana and Andrew Wachowski (Matrix anyone?), Sense8 has been hailed as a “thrilling drama” similar to Lost with storylines following eight characters and spanning the globe from Seoul to Chicago to Nairobi.

Main character Nomi is a transgender “hacktivist” living in San Francisco. We soon meet the seven other “sensates”, living around the world, all of whom have terrifying visions that cause them to see, talk to and even feel others in faraway places. As Rolling Stone explains, “The reasons for their bond — and how it affects an ancient battle between good and evil — is revealed gradually episode-by-episode”.

Intrigued? Us, too.

Let the weekend binge-fest commence. 

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