There’s a reason why we’re the highest-rated ISP
in Southern California.

We’ll deliver guaranteed-speed Internet, DIRECTV and Phone service to you with local tech support, no data cap and no contracts.
Our mission is to do everything different than the big Telecom providers which means delivering top quality product with killer customer service.

The channels you want – including locals – without the drama.

The channels you want – including locals – without the drama.

Guaranteed Speeds

Choose from speeds of 25Mbps to 300Mbps download and upload…
(and actually get the speed you pick).

With other providers, each time another person in your neighborhood logs on, your speed slows down.
Our speeds are guaranteed. You get what you pay for. All the time. No matter how many people are online.

Those other guys might tell you you’re getting fast speeds but check the fine print.
From FIOS website: Download and upload speeds based on maximum connection times. Actual speeds may vary.
From At&T Uverse website: Internet speed claims represent the maximum network service capability speeds. Actual customer speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Actual speeds vary based on factors including site traffic, content provider server capacity, internal network management factors, device capabilities, and the use of other U-verse services.
From Spectrum website: Speeds depend on the level of service to which you subscribe and may be affected by many factors, including… simultaneous traffic levels… Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.

Set-Time Appointments

We book set-time appointments because you have better things to do than
wait around all day.

No Contracts. No Handcuffs.

We believe we must earn your business everyday – no long-term contracts required.
Try us out…if you like us, keep us.

Live Humans

We answer our own phones.
No robots or call centers. 100% locally staffed support with 24/7 technical assistance.

Media-Grade Internet

You want to be able to upload photos, while streaming music, while Skyping your boss, while your friend plays video games on your TV…all at the same time.

It’s the new normal. And we created our Media-Grade Internet just for you.

As the only ones in town with guaranteed symmetrical speeds for upload and download, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Choose from speeds of 25Mbps to 300Mbps.
No buffering. No packet loss. No downtime.

Open Internet & Broadband Privacy Promise

At Bel Air Internet, we are 100% committed to net neutrality and the privacy rights of our consumers.

We believe your personal info is yours – not data to be sold off to the highest bidder. Unlike other providers, we DO NOT share your data with advertisers and third parties, no matter how much they offer to pay.

Bel Air Internet also affirms its promise to stay net neutral. Our customers will have open access across our network and traffic will never be discriminated in favor of content providers and businesses paying for a “fast lane”.

“These guys are the only ISP that is totally with it… excellent customer service. The techs know what’s up and everyone is extremely polite and helpful. It’s the most straightforward, hands off approach to home Internet with symmetrical speeds.”

– Jay P., Resident at Sunset and Vine Tower

Direct Peering

Get the media you want straight from the source. Our Media-Grade Internet lets you Direct Peer
with just about everyone from Netflix to Google to Amazon.

It’s like an information expressway straight to your doorstep.

Which means you get those sites better and faster than everyone else. Say goodbye to buffering!

(Psst…the other guys can’t do that.) Check out who we peer with.

Ready to try a better kind of Internet?

Call us for a set-time installation appointment.


Rated #1 in satisfaction over all cable and satellite providers

Whatever you love to watch on TV in primetime, daytime or game time,
you’ll find it on DIRECTV. With DIRECTV, you get the TV you love across all your devices, anytime, anywhere.

  • #1 in Sports & Exclusive Programming

    Exclusive home of the NFL Sunday Ticket, as well as numerous other sports packages.

  • No Dish on Balcony

    Centralized system services entire property to eliminate unsightly clutter.

  • The Most HD Channels

    Over 315+ full-time True HD channels in crystal clear quality

  • DIRECTV Everywhere

    Watch your favorite movies and shows on your TVs at home, plus on your laptop, tablet, and cell phone

“BAI provided great service. My TVs have never had better sound or reception, not to mention the vast increase in channel selection and affordability! Time Warner Cable/Spectrum is passé compared to the service provided by BAI and DIRECTV.”

– Brenda D., Resident at Joshua Hills Condos

Phone Service

Unlimited U.S. and Canada calls. One all-inclusive monthly flat rate.

We’re the only VoIP provider that can guarantee the quality of our calls. No stops. No jitters. No echos or dropped calls.

  • Unlimited Long Distance calling in the Continental U.S. and Canada
  • Lowest rates for international calls
  • Advanced calling features included at no additional charge
  • Includes Emergency 911 access
  • Bundle with other services for extra discounts
  • Huge savings over other traditional phone and VoIp providers

The perfect supplement to your cell phone, here’s 7 reasons why you still need a landline.

Take your entertainment to a whole new level.

Contact us for DIRECTV pricing, promotions and packages.