New DIRECTV App Makes Life Ten Times Easier for Parents

directv kids app

Sure, we can all agree that hands-on activities with your kids is the absolute best way to spend time with them…

But then, hey, sometimes life gets in the way. And you find yourself waiting interminably at the doctor’s office or delayed airport gate or the drive-through line for In-N-Out (just us?)…and that’s where the new DIRECTV app for kids will become your godsend.

The app, which is free for DIRECTV subscribers, allows kids to instantly stream their favorite kid-friendly shows and movies including options from Nickelodeon, Disney, HBO, Cartoon Network and Sprout, any time, anywhere. With a simple interface, Common Sense media ratings and no external links, DIRECTV promises a “closed and private viewing space” designed completely with kids in mind.

All we know is, that cross-state car trip to grandma’s house just got a lot easier.