A one-stop, hassle-free communications solution for developers,
property owners and managers.

With full control over our private state-of-the-art fiber-wireless integrated network, we provide reliable guaranteed-speed Internet,
DIRECTV and Voice services to the most exciting and prestigious residential properties in the region.


A turnkey solution for developers looking to provide the most efficient future-forward Wi-Fi to their properties.​

Let us take care of it.

When you choose Bel Air Internet for your communications services, you can rest assured
we’ll handle everything for you and your residents.
  • Installation and maintenance of top-tier infrastructure for all communication services
  • Dedicated construction engineer to coordinate and manage all phases of installation
  • Training sessions and marketing materials about tech amenities in your building
  • Locally staffed sales and support departments; no outsourcing and no call centers
  • Dedicated property liaison, technicians and service reps for continuity with residents
  • Attract residents by providing high-end technological services at competitive prices
“I needed a company that could solve my residents’ problems with one phone call, would do whatever it would take to make a resident happy, and would always do the job right the first time. In an environment where excellence is a must, only BAI was the company that continually met my standards.”

– Stephen LeRoy, Chief Concierge, The Century

Benefits of Bulk

A bulk contract allows developers to pay wholesale rates for communications services
for their building with huge benefits.
Ancillary Income

Enjoy significant additional revenue by
offering communications services to residents at or below market prices.

Instant-On Installation

Instant remote activation for residents
that streamlines the installation process.

Enhance Property Value

Build your property’s brand as a
provider of the most technologically advanced
amenities and seamless services.

Media-Grade Internet

The crown jewel of our services, our Media-Grade Internet is different than any other providers’. We own our own state-of-the-art network which allows us to deliver a higher quality, more reliable high-speed connection with speeds we guarantee for residents all times of day and night.

Give your property the ultimate amenity. Our Media-Grade Internet offers lightning-fast guaranteed speeds for residents.
  • Gigabit infrastructure
  • Guaranteed symmetrical Internet speeds, not “up to” like other providers
  • Direct peering with Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo, and over 300 other content providers; No buffering, no waiting for content to load
  • Quick, set time installs for residents with possibility of remote activation
  • Lowest latency of any provider (less than 5 milliseconds)
  • Designed, Installed and Managed for your property by our 100% locally staffed team.

Wi-Fi Services

Whether residents want to stream music in the work out room,
watch videos by the pool or check emails from their laptop in the lobby, Bel Air Internet
has all the Wi-Fi solutions your property needs.
Exclusive Rover Technology Wi-Fi

With our Rover Wi-Fi, each resident’s network “follows” them throughout the building, allowing them access to their own speeds and network across the entire property.

Intelligent Wireless Design

Seamlessly integrate multiple Wi-Fi networks for residents, property management and smart home devices on a single converged infrastructure.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Our Wi-Fi hotspots allow guests and residents access to quality Wi-Fi in any community areas you choose.

Additional Services

Our phone and television services are tailored for MDU properties.

Our centralized dish solution eliminates the need for unsightly satellites on balconies, while delivering true HD quality programming to residents, including the high popular exclusive NFL Ticket package.

Off-Air TV

Utilizing a central antenna for streamlined efficiency, our Off-Air TV solution delivers local and select cable channels to residents who prefer less TV options.

Phone Service

High quality phone service with all advanced calling features and Emergency 911 dispatching services (down to the unit), delivered for a flat rate giving residents significant savings over traditional landlines.

Get your property up to speed.

Contact us today for more information or to get started.