Keeping your Wi-Fi Connection Fast: Bel Air Internet’s Router Recommendation

amped wireless artemis

Would you put crummy ten-inch wheels on your brand new Ferrari? Would you run your brand new MacBook using five-year-old outdated software?  Would you shell out for a top of the line HD TV and then choose to watch everything in 480p?

Of course not.

It’s the same with your router – which acts as the traffic director of your home Wi-Fi. The router you use has a huge impact on the quality and speed of your Internet.

Even though you’re buying the best, most technologically advanced Internet available from Bel Air Internet, if you have an old, outdated or sub-par router, it simply can’t handle the broadband effectively…and you end up with the dreaded buffering, spinning wheel and intermittent connectivity. (Unfortunately, routers don’t last forever! Like any piece of technology, even the best routers get outdated after a few years and stop performing well).

We want our BAI broadband to run at peak performance-levels for our customers, which is why we recommend the Amped Artemis High Power AC1300 Wireless Router.

This is a 5Ghz 802.11AC router, which can handle the huge amounts of bandwidth users consume on a daily basis. The “AC” means it provides the highest bandwidth available – so when you wirelessly print, play songs over airplay or sync devices, it happens quicker.

The problem with older router models is that they operate on the 2.4Ghz spectrum, which is vulnerable to interference and majorly slows your connection. Cordless phones, baby monitors and most other household items all run on 2.4Hz and may interfere with your Wi-Fi connection. Factor in an entire building of all that, and your poor old router will be working triple-time to get you half the speed you should have.

A dual-band AC router operates on 5Ghz with more channels, which means it won’t overlap or get interference like 2.4Hz routers do.

The Amped Artemis High Power AC1300 Wireless Router is available directly from Bel Air Internet. You can also get it on Amazon, at any big box store or online