Los Angeles Internet Provider Bel Air Internet Expands with Polaris Acquisition

LOS ANGELES Bel Air Internet, a full-scale Internet and communications provider servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, has recently acquired Polaris, a San Fernando Valley-based Internet and telephone provider.

The acquisition allows Bel Air Internet to expand their network within their footprint in both the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita, while also giving them numerous assets, including rooftop rights throughout the city and a roster of commercial customers.

“This acquisition was a perfect way to expand the portfolio of properties we provide service to,” says Bel Air Internet CEO Terry Koosed. “Polaris has a fantastic customer base in the same market as us. With our technology, we’re able to take over and further improve upon the customer experience.”

Bel Air Internet, which was named one of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal‘s Fastest Growing Companies for the past two years, has created a name for itself as a high-quality provider for both residential properties (luxury developments Ten Thousand and The Century are among clients), as well as commercial businesses, including several studios and high-profile media companies. The acquisition allows them to further expand upon their commercial clientele, while sharpening their service footprint.

“The acquisition of Polaris provides even more flexibility to the Bel Air Internet footprint, adding new redundant paths to our existing network,” says Bel Air Internet CTO Diego Salas. “With additional points of distribution, we will be able to service new areas with even higher bandwidth capacity.”

It is just the first step for Bel Air Internet, according to Koosed, as they eye several other acquisition targets to continue their rapid expansion throughout the Southern California area. “There are no shortage of customers seeking quality, reliable bandwidth,” Koosed says. “That fuels our business model as we continue to grow in Los Angeles and beyond.”

About Bel Air Internet:
Bel Air Internet is a fully integrated communication provider offering high-speed Internet access, DIRECTV & voice service to over 50,000 daily customers. Utilizing their own proprietary gigabit backbone, Bel Air Internet delivers its broadband services to residential buildings, commercial properties, student housing developments, hotels and studios throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. They also provide Pop Up temporary Internet, Wi-Fi and Streaming services for live events, concerts and conventions, including the Grammys, Emmys and Oscar red carpets.

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