This live action event takes gaming to the next level…all powered by BAI Live’s Pop Up Internet


Our Pop Up Internet has graced some of the coolest gaming events around, from the Survios VR Game Debut Event to the Ubisoft Game Lounge to the six different gaming events we powered at this year’s E3.

But tomorrow’s Robokong live gaming experience streaming out of LA will prove to be unlike any other we’ve encountered before.

The game, which is a live action, first person shooter gaming experience, allows players to feel like they’re in an apocalyptic hybrid of a Walking Dead episode, a high-octane action movie and an Escape room on steroids all rolled into one.

Instead of merely controlling an avatar, players control an actual person they can see through Skype. As the live-human avatar (played by various social media gaming personalities) walks through the chilling sets, surprises lurk around every corner and the player must instruct him where to go and what to do, in order to stay alive and beat the game. (Sound too cool to believe? Check out their trailer here).

Our Pop Up Internet will be powering the event, which is completely dependent on our reliable, super low latency network. Players will Skype in to take part and the entire experience will be live streamed on Twitch so global gamers everywhere can check out the action. In addition, the voiceover actor will be narrating the action as he watches the live stream separate area, making the need for an instantaneous glitch-free stream even more imperative.

Want to get in on the action? Watch the live stream here tomorrow starting at 1pm PST on Twitch.

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