Groundbreaking Candidate Kamala Harris Uses Technology to Celebrate Election Victory

The Kamala Harris victory party held at Exchange LA on Tuesday night was historic…for a few reasons.

Not only did Harris become the first biracial Senator from California – she is also the first African American to serve California in the Senate, as well as the Indian American to serve in the U.S. Senate.

However, as is fitting of a barrier-breaking candidate, her victory party broke new ground in the technology that was used to stream results and effectively get the message out to the world.

If there is one thing this election has proven, it’s that social media and online connectivity are inextricably tied to the process. Instead of relying on a television hook-up, the Harris campaign hired BAI Live to bring in Pop Up Internet so that results could be constantly streaming to the massive 200 square foot screen that the venue is known for.

The venue was also outfitted with Wi-Fi so that guests could stream out their own live videos, as well as sharing photos to social media and posting to Twitter, immediately catapulting her victory into a large part of the online national conversation.

“In speaking with Kamala Harris campaign with regards to election party needs, it was clear that a high performance custom network was necessary,” says Jon Greenholtz of Bel Air Internet and BAI Live. “Under an extremely tight timeline, BAI Live is proud to have delivered and satisfied such a critical need.  This network involved several Wi-Fi related components to remote areas of the venue, live streaming capabilities for multiple devices, and of course the famous big screen at Exchange.”