How much extra is your cable company charging you per month? ​

Ever wonder how your cable bill shot up so high? Like, $40 a month higher?

USA Today breaks down the shady pricing practices of Spectrum and other providers as they pull the classic bait-and-switch on unsuspecting consumers, promising them one price only to tack on fees of up to $50 per month that were never disclosed earlier. 

Check out the full story here:

Consumer Reports: Hidden cable TV fees may cost you $450 annually.

P.S. At Bel Air Internet, we hate this kind of crooked and dishonorable scamming of customers! We pride ourselves on being the honest Internet company, which is why we quote all-inclusive prices. It might make us look like we’re more expensive, (even when we’re not), but we’d rather be transparent to our customers than dupe them with a low teaser rate and tack on fees later!

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