DIRECTV Fantasy Football Channel Back Again!

DirecTV Fantasy Football Channel

With football season now finally here (cue the stadium crowd cheer), it can only mean one thing.

Millions of fantasy footballers obsessing over their rosters.

Lucky for them, DIRECTV’s Fantasy Zone Channel, unveiled last year, is sure to score a few points with even the most elite Fantasy Footballers out there.

The DIRECTV Fantasy Zone Channel is entirely devoted to how the day’s games affect fantasy stats, providing up-to-the-minute fantasy analysis along with multiple on-screen tickers giving key player updates, projections and highlights.

It’s part of the NFL Sunday Ticket Max package which gives subscribers access to all NFL ticket games, plus the Red Zone Channel, and allows them to stream live games onto computers and mobile devices.

NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and fantasy football expert Kay Adams will continue to host the Fantasy Zone Channel, which will air each Sunday during the NFL season and boast weekly A-list celebrity guest hosts and a “Fan Cave” environment,.

The only thing it can’t do is tell you which receiver to play this week. (For that, you’ll have to rely on that trusty Magic 8 ball.)

The Fantasy Zone Channel is available exclusively to DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers. For more information about the channel, click here.

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