Cutting edge technology meets old Hollywood: Bel Air Internet new Internet provider for Chateau Marmont

The famed Chateau Marmont needs no introduction. A celebrity enclave since it opened on the Sunset Strip in 1929, the hotel is the one place in town you’re guaranteed to see a bonafide movie star having drinks on the patio or holed up by the pool.


However, though guests still flock to the luxury hotel for its old Hollywood feel, today they’re checking in expecting modern high-end tech amenities.


Fast, reliable in-room Internet is particularly important at the Chateau because the hotel is a haven for creative artists, including famous writers, editors and photographers, who often take up residence for months at a time in the hotel’s swanky bungalows while they are working on projects. (Everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Tim Burton to Annie Leibovitz have produced work over the years from within the hotel walls). For today’s prestigious artist-guests, reliable Internet isn’t just a convenience – it’s essential for their craft.


After dealing with a subpar DSL solution that could not reliably deliver the bandwidth their guests needed, the Chateau Marmont turned to Bel Air Internet for a total overhaul of their Internet network, looking for an Internet company that could meet the needs of their luxury brand.


Bel Air Internet re-designed and upgraded the entire network, delivering 1 Gigabit of carrier grade Internet to the hotel, plenty for all their staff and guests, even those transferring large film files on the daily. As a back up, Bel Air Internet also delivers a redundant connection to the hotel, ensuring that if any issue should arise, there is a back-up network ready to go so that there is no interruption to service.


Finally, Bel Air Internet also upgraded the entire phone network for the hotel, delivering a crystal clear voice solution that meets the needs of both guests and the hotel, while streamlining the entire system to make it more efficient.


Though the Chateau has maintained its original architecture as the “Castle on Sunset” with its maze of nooks and rooms, it’s entire technological infrastructure is now firmly in the modern day. After all…even those who come there looking to get away from it all still need to resurface on Instagram at some point.



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