The Big Con of Gigabit Service for Home Internet

By: Terry Koosed, Founder & CEO of Bel Air Internet There’s a new buzzword in the residential telecommunications business. Gigabit service. Somehow this has become the new catchphrase to suggest a high-speed connection, the thing that any tech-savvy resident supposedly needs to keep up with their Netflix and Face-Timing. As the CEO of a boutique […]

DirecTV Fantasy Football Channel

DIRECTV Fantasy Football Channel Back Again!

With football season now finally here (cue the stadium crowd cheer), it can only mean one thing. Millions of fantasy footballers obsessing over their rosters. Lucky for them, DIRECTV’s Fantasy Zone Channel, unveiled last year, is sure to score a few points with even the most elite Fantasy Footballers out there. The DIRECTV Fantasy Zone […]

directv kids app

New DIRECTV App Makes Life Ten Times Easier for Parents

Sure, we can all agree that hands-on activities with your kids is the absolute best way to spend time with them… But then, hey, sometimes life gets in the way. And you find yourself waiting interminably at the doctor’s office or delayed airport gate or the drive-through line for In-N-Out (just us?)…and that’s where the […]