Best for the Best: Bel Air Internet helps power Internet service at Montage Beverly Hills

Some brands stake their entire reputation on delivering the highest levels of excellence to their discerning customers.


The Montage Beverly Hills is a prime example


And as a hotel that’s staked their reputation on being the epitome of service and quality, it’s no wonder they wanted top-shelf Internet and tech amenities to match.


With a roster of guests that include international CEO’s and entertainment industry artists, as well as a discerning group who live in the luxurious on-site residences, high-speed Internet is essential to the hotel.


Though they had an Internet vendor that performed well for them, they wanted to ensure that their Internet never had even a single hiccup or second without service, because as we all know, in today’s world, an Internet outage of a second can mean a missed multi-million dollar deal.


Enter Bel Air Internet, as a redundant provider. Because Bel Air Internet doesn’t utilize the same traditional paths as other providers, our Internet stays up even when others are down.


So, even if their primary provider has an outage, the Montage can rest assured that their guests’ Internet will be completely unaffected as Bel Air Internet network steps in to provide a high-quality network to their guests without any interruption.


It’s the perfect solution for a hotel like Montage where quality is so integral to the brand.


(As a company that’s staked our own reputation on unparalleled service, we’d say it’s a match made in heaven.)



Bel Air Internet delivers High-Speed Internet & Managed Wi-Fi services to hotels throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, as well as residential properties, commercial buildings, businesses, studios and student-housing developments.