Bel Air Internet Spins Off New Temporary Internet Division, BAI Live

Meteoric rise in demand leads the company to spin off a new division exclusively devoted to temporary Internet and streaming services

Bel Air Internet, a full-scale communications provider based in Los Angeles, announced yesterday the launch of BAI Live, a spin-off division that focuses on delivering temporary Internet, managed Wi-Fi and streaming services for concerts, festivals, conventions and other live events.

BAI first unveiled their temporary Internet service, dubbed Pop-Up Internet, in 2004. Since then, they’ve grown exponentially and provided temporary Internet for events throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, including the red carpets of the Oscars and Grammys, the Twilight concert series at the Santa Monica Pier, the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2016 fashion show, the Key & Peele Super Bowl show and hundreds of red carpet film premieres, gaming events, conventions and corporate events, including product launches for Yahoo and Google.

Terry Koosed, President and founder of BAI, points to a massive spike in demand for temporary Internet over the last several years as the main catalyst for creating BAI Live.

“At first, the number of calls we got for these services were few and far between,” says Koosed. “But in the last several years, that’s changed as temporary Internet has become an essential part of the event landscape. This portion of our business has grown so quickly we decided to create its own entity within the company.”

Music festivals that stream online, conventions that allow remote guests to Skype in to access workshops and gaming competitions that live-stream to Twitch are all among the ways that event producers have sought to increase online engagement during live events in recent years.

Koosed cites Managed Wi-Fi, the means by which guests and event staff are able to access the Internet on phones and devices, as another event service that has recently spiked in popularity. Allowing guests to access an Internet connection is particularly relevant in larger groups where 4G coverage has proven to be unreliable making texting and posting to social media almost impossible.

“The number one complaint at events for years by guests has been lack of Internet,” Koosed says. “Guests want to share their experiences online. Producers now realize that if you give guests access to secure Wi-Fi, they will use hashtags and post messages, photos and videos to social media in real-time, essentially becoming content-creators for the event and its brands. If guests have to wait to get home to post online, it’s hard to capture that viral magic.”

BAI Live will make its mark at E3 this weekend, providing its Pop-Up Internet and services for six different gaming events.

About BAI Live:

BAI Live is a division of BAI devoted to temporary Internet, managed Wi-Fi and streaming services for all types of special events, including concerts, festivals and conventions.