Bel Air Internet to power star-studded Super School Live

Super School Live
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Viola Davis. Samuel Jackson. Kelly Clarkson. James Cordon. Justin Timberlake. Cate Blanchett. Nope, not a roll call for the next Hollywood award show…these are just a few of the celebs who are taking part in the XQ Super School Live! Special, which will air on all four networks simultaneously tonight at 8pm, as well as streaming live to the XQ website.

Bel Air Internet was chosen to bring our Pop Up Internet to the scene to assist with the live stream and keep the star-studded event running smoothly – because getting the message out to the world is the most important part of the night! The special is the brain product of Oscar winner Viola Davis and the education non-profit XQ Institute and the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and invites the audience to reimagine a new, more successful model for high school education.

As the XQ Institute says, “We’ve gone from the Model T to the Tesla and from the switchboard to the smart phone. Yet high school has remained frozen in time.” The show line up and roster of celebrity guests are sure to draw major attention to the issue.

The star-heavy red carpet begins at 3:30pm PST today and will be streamed out live to the XQ website. And make sure to have your popcorn ready by 8pm PST to tune in to the incredible line up…and of course, to learn why High School will never be the same.