Bel Air Internet Helps Adrenaline Junkies Get Their Fix

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6, 2009 – In response to growing consumer demand for faster internet speeds, Bel Air Internet (BAI) has broken the speed barrier for internet access by offering speeds up to 20Mbps, making this the fastest consumer internet speed ever available in all of greater Los Angeles.

With the recent completion of BAI’s new Gigabit Backbone (crisscrossing the greater L.A. area), subscribers will now be able to access speeds previously available only for commercial use. BAI realized the importance of investing in and upgrading their infrastructure to meet consumer demand, rather than maxing out bandwidth through overselling and under delivering. Terry Koosed, president of BAI, commented, “I am excited that we’ve leapfrogged over the competition and are able to provide our customers with the best speed and service in all of Los Angeles.” Traditionally, consumers have received internet access from their local telephone or cable company and get average speeds of below 2Mbps.

In addition to the high demand for bandwidth from individual consumers, the number one request from developers of urban luxury apartments and condominiums is extremely fast internet access. The vast majority of their buyers and renters use the internet to work from home and share large files (music, video and images) that require growing amounts of bandwidth. When asked about the recent completion of BAI’s Gigabit Backbone, Matthew Nelson, of Lee Homes responded, “This is an excellent service that is rapidly becoming a critical selling point in acquiring new buyers and renters in our properties. I am thrilled to know our buildings will be one large step ahead of the competition.” This 20Mbps service will be available starting April 1, 2009 at properties serviced by Bel Air Internet.

About Bel Air Internet:
Bel Air Internet is a full service communication provider dedicated to providing Broadband Internet access, Television & Telephone Service, integrated with their Gigabit Backbone. Bel Air Internet is the preferred provider for DirecTV, broadband internet and telephone services for residents in over 40 buildings and properties as well as businesses throughout the greaterLos Angeles Area. For more information contact Gentille Koosed at