Bel Air Internet Goes Live from the Red Carpet with Their New Streaming Temporary Internet Access

LOS ANGELES, March 10, 2011 — Bel Air Internet officially announced today its new Temporary Internet Access (TIA) for live-streaming coverage of special events. With its recently upgraded wireless multi-gigabit network, covering over 1300 square miles of Los Angeles, it is now possible to get temporary ultra-high-speed Internet whenever and wherever you may need it.

Bel Air Internet has created a way to send a wireless Internet signal to almost any location to allow web streaming or any other large file to be sent instantly. “It’s basically a portable connection which allows us to transmit your content wherever you need it for your special event or project. No other company can do this,” says Terry Koosed, president of BAI. “We recently provided temporary Internet for the Northern Trust Golf Tournament to enable the media covering the event to send out all their digital content instantly.”

Those who have needed this type of service in the past have had to depend on satellite transmission, which is very costly and not readily available to most people. Bel Air Internet states their TIA system is more accessible, affordable, and much easier to set up. They also claim to offer great speed with super-low latency, which allows users to avoid the typical jitter and long download times that typically plague satellite transmission.

With this unique service, Bel Air Internet primarily caters to clientele who live-stream the most exclusive events, including the recent 2011 Grammy Awards as well as numerous red carpet film premieres. “Over the last few years, a growing number of our clients have required high-speed Internet in our event space, as these functions have become increasingly interactive, cutting-edge, and visible over the Internet. We needed high-speed Internet, but were caught in a Catch 22, as we only required it for specific events,” says Emma Suttles, special events coordinator at Avalon Hollywood. “Luckily, we found Bel Air Internet; now we only pay for our Internet when we need it.”

About Bel Air Internet:
Bel Air Internet is a fully integrated communication provider dedicated to providing unsurpassed high-speed broadband Internet access, television and telephone service. Utilizing their own ten-gig backbone, Bel Air Internet delivers broadband services to residential buildings, hotels and businesses throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area.