Bel Air Internet First ISP to Offer Los Angeles Customers Netflix Super HD!

Bel Air Internet joined the Netflix Open Connect Network this week, making it the first Internet Service Provider in Los Angeles to allow customers to stream Netflix content in 3D and Super-High Definition. The program also gives Bel Air Internet’s customers faster downloading speeds, less buffering and more reliability, particularly during peak viewing hours.

In addition to improved streaming, ISP’s enrolled in the Open Connect network are the only ones able to deliver Netflix streaming Super HD and 3D content to their customers. Because larger telecommunication behemoths such as AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner have not joined the Open Connect network, a trend has emerged across the country of smaller, boutique ISP’s such as Bel Air Internet stepping up to fill the gap for consumers.

BAI also provides premium Internet, television and telephone services to business and residential customers, including studios and post-production houses, as well as providing the Internet to live stream events such as the Academy Award, Emmy and Grammy Red Carpets.