Bel Air Internet delivers Next-Day Internet with Siklu for Jordan Brand at the NBA All-Star weekend


The need for reliable, high-speed temporary Internet and Wi-Fi for live events has exploded over the last five years. Event Internet helps to power interactive guest experiences, provides smooth back-of-house processes (including digital ticket taking and iPad drink orders) and gives guests the ability to share to social media and build organic buzz for the hosting brand.

The Jordan Brand pop-up for the NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles in February 2018 was exactly the type of high-profile event for which quality Internet is mission-critical. The event was being held at Studio 23 in L.A.’s Little Tokyo and would include a shoe unveiling, art collaborations and several interactive features, including a live recording studios from Interscope Records for guests to use, as well as gaming areas in a VIP greenroom.

The IT team needed a low-latency 100 Mbps fully guaranteed temporary Internet connection for the duration of the multi-day event in order to handle all the events’ needs.


The Challenge

The day before the event was set to debut, the event’s IT team realized that their Internet vendor was not pushing the amount of traffic they needed for the event. (They had been promised 100 Mbps and were only getting about 10 Mbps). Though the IT team had built out a superior Wi-Fi set-up, it would be useless without proper Internet speeds.

They needed a new temporary Internet provider that could not only deliver a low-latency 100 Mbps guaranteed connection – but one that could do it next day on less than 24-hours notice.

BAI Live, the temporary Internet division for boutique ISP Bel Air Internet (BAI), was called that night to see if they could provide their Pop-Up Internet solution for this event in such a short time frame.

While BAI Live frequently provides temporary Internet for high-profile events throughout Southern California utilizing Siklu products, the two direct challenges in this scenario were the location of the event and the compressed timeline.

In order to deliver their temporary Internet, BAI Live requires a line of sight to BAI distribution, which this location did not have. In addition, with the event starting later that day, BAI Live’s engineers didn’t have much time to find an alternative solution.


The Solution:

BAI Live’s engineers were able to get creative. After gaining access to a building down the street, they discovered that this second building did have rooftop line of sight and could serve as a “bounce” location.

They installed a Siklu Etherhaul 2200FX link with a 1-foot antenna at BAI’s base station, and a 2-foot antenna at the “bounce” location. They then installed a Siklu Etherhaul 600 link from there to the event space. Through these two links, they were able to push 440 Mbps x 440 Mbps with 1 millisecond latency to the customer’s location, far exceeding the IT team’s expectations.

This install was complete with battery backup and remote monitoring of power.

While the tight timeline meant there was no room for error, BAI Live was able to deliver the Internet connection in time for the event, with absolutely no downtime or technical issues during the entirety of the event.

A Siklu Etherhaul 600 & 2200FX at the “bounce” location.


BAI Live, a division of Bel Air Internet, provides Pop Up Internet, Managed Wi-Fi and Streaming Services to events, concerts, festivals and conferences throughout Southern California and Las Vegas.