Bel Air Internet CEO Terry Koosed: The new Wi-Fi Challenge all Developers need to be aware of

In light of the popularity of our recent Q & A with Bel Air Internet CEO Terry Koosed about future-proofing new residential developments, he’s back to discuss the new Wi-Fi challenge all developers need to be aware of, whether they’re building a new property or updating an existing one.

What is this new Wi-Fi challenge for residential developments?

Remember the term “Polluted Environment” – because I’m not talking about our oceans and it’s not the last time you’ll hear it. Polluted Wi-Fi environments are the next big challenge for today’s properties. Imagine a new residential development with several Internet providers, SmartHome devices in every unit, as well as the usual litany of resident routers and devices and this is your recipe for disaster – while the development may have enough actual bandwidth to handle it all, the competing Wi-Fi noise makes it impossible for residents to attain a quality Wi-Fi connection on their devices. So, while residents think it’s an Internet problem, the reality is that it’s the wireless pollution – all the interfering signals from the different providers and devices – that causes the sluggish speeds. This Wi-Fi polluted environment is a new challenge we have seen a lot of in the past two years, so much that even the most sophisticated developers are now coming to us for help.

Why is Wi-Fi Pollution just coming up as a problem now?

In short, because residents need more Wi-Fi than ever. Residential dependence on Wi-Fi has grown exponentially due to the Internet of Things, Smart Home devices and increased streaming. With new buildings it’s a real challenge, particularly if multiple providers are brought in because they all bring in more competing devices. For existing properties, we’re talking about years of build-up, between various providers and devices that residents have brought in, many of which are not in use, but are still living in the walls, polluting the Wi-Fi environment.

What’s the solution to a polluted Wi-Fi environment?

Once the mess is created, it’s impossible to unwind unless you go with a bulk provider who can clean it up, eliminate all the devices and interfering signals and start fresh. With a new building, having a Wi-Fi plan in place from the start helps to keep the issue from spiraling, as well as limiting the number of Internet providers.