Bel Air Internet helps homeless students bridge the “homework gap”

70% of American teachers assign homework that requires an Internet connection, and nearly half of American students say they must do online homework daily.

But what are students without Internet access supposed to do?

That is the question thousands of Los Angeles based children face daily, many of whom are experiencing homelessness or living in poverty. 

Enter School on Wheels, an organization that provides tutoring, school supplies and digital learning access to children and teens in need, to help them bridge this “homework gap” and the digital divide.  

A sign at the center reads: “Bravery – Showing courage,
ready to face unpleasant or dangerous events”

On 2/27, the organization celebrated their mission with their annual School on Wheels #DigitalLearningDay. In honor of the day, dozens of children participated in coding lessons with Scratch, as well as several other activities alongside PBS.

At the end of the lesson, kids were rewarded with cards that they could use as store points to redeem gifts at the “Store on Wheels”.

While the kids spent time coding & learning, @BelAirInternet was busy fundraising (digitally). Every new social media follow resulted in a $5 donation to @schoolonwheels, which accumulated to 550 total donations for the day.

Bel Air Internet proudly donates the Internet to the Skid Row Digital Learning Center, as well as two other digital learning centers for School on Wheels. 

“It is so inspiring to see these children learn skills such as coding that can serve them well as they go through school and eventually forge a career path,” said Bel Air Internet CEO Terry Koosed. We are thrilled to be able to do our part to provide Internet to them.”

Interested in donating or volunteering to School on Wheels and helping kids across Los Angeles? Click here to learn more.