We’re a thriving, fast-paced boutique Internet and communications provider in Southern California and the Las Vegas area to over 50,000 daily users. Our mission is to do everything different than the big Telecom providers which means delivering top quality product with killer customer service.

Fast Installations

No waiting for weeks on end.
Quick and hassle-free installations.

Owned and Operated Network

Zero outsourcing and an
uptime exceeding 99.99%.

Live Humans

No robots and no call centers, no
outsourcing. Locally staffed support.

Broadband Privacy

Why is it anyone else’s business what you do online?

At Bel Air Internet, we are 100% committed to net neutrality and the privacy rights of our consumers.

We believe your personal info is yours – not data to be sold off to the highest bidder. Unlike other providers, we DO NOT share your data with advertisers and third parties, no matter how much they offer to pay.

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Super School Live
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